Anais do Seminário

Acervo histórico dos Seminários presenciais realizados pela Memory desde 1993 

Capa dos Anais

43º Encontro Anual da Associação Internacional dos Magistrados

Saturday - September 16th
Chairman's Committee Meeting

Sunday - September 17th
Delegation arrival and accreditation
European Magistrate Associations Meeting
Regional Iberian-American Group Meeting
Regional African Group Meeting
Regional Asian, North American and Oceanian Group Meeting

Monday - September 18th
Opening Ceremony
Central Council Meeting
Study Commission Meetings - I to IV
I - The Independence of the Judge within his own Jurisdiction
lI - The Right to duty of the doctor to inform the patient about the nature and the consequences of surgery
or treatment he/she will undergo
III - Connections between criminality and National and International Criminal Law
IV- Duration of working hours and job flexibility

Wednesday - September 20th
Study Commission Meetings - I to IV
Central Council Meeting
Election of the International Magistrate Union

Thursday - September 21st
Philippe Abravanel Seminar
Louise Arbour
Judge of the Canadian Supreme Court
Former Attorney General of the United Nations Court about War Crimes in Bosnia (The Hague)
Ernest Markel
Judge of the Austrian Supreme Court
President of the European Magistrare Association
Vice-President of the Intenational Magristrate Union (Vienna- Austria)
Alex Pcriscilloto
Advertising Man
Professor of the Escola Superior Propaganda and Marketing. (São Paulo - Brazil)

Central Council Meeting

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